In 1921, the Marconi Company decided to air a live broadcast from the Stanley Piano Building on Young Street in Toronto. The event was announced in the Mail and Empire Newspaper . Feedback about the event can be found here. In 1936, the Empire newspaper merged with the Globe Newspaper to become today's Globe and mail.  (Submitted by Ralph Smith)

Above and below: This 16 page booklet, published by Canadian Marconi circa 1928, contained essential information for the serious radio listener. (Images via E-bay)

This is a vintage 'Tube Tapper' advertising pencil from Marconi. The pencil is about 7" long. Tube tapping is a method of checking to see if tube elements are "microphonic", meaning the elements are loose. (Photos via E-Bay) 

Canadian Marconi Co., Investors Shares Ledger. Since the ledger bears the name of Canadian Marconi that  suggests it was made after 1925. Prior to that year. the company was known as the Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company. 

Most of the entries in this ledger are circa 1905 to 1908 with a few circa 1929 entries.  This ledger  contains stockholder names and stock count/details, with a number of entries having stockholder addresses listed. The ledger itself is an impressive volume with fabric and leather covers, and has a gold gilt company name on the front.  It has an interesting locking mechanism in the spine that is operated by key This Perpetual Ledger was  manufactured by Copeland-Chatterson Ltd of Brampton, Ontario, Canada  It measures 13 x 9 1/4, and is 3 1/4 thick.  This ledger has hundreds of pages and weighs over 11 1/4 lbs.    (Image via E-bay)

Corkscrew and bottle opener. These were gold plated and made in Italy.
Tape measure that resembles a Zippo lighter
Eyeglasses screwdriver and pen. 
Detail on pen.
Memorabilia from the CMC era and from before 1989. All photos via E-bay.

frank pass.jpg
As imprinted: The holder of this frank is extended the courtesy of the wireless telegraph service of this company for personal and social messages subject to conditions named on reverse side. - 1938. (E-bay image)

marconi_ telegram_message_front.jpg
Above and below: Front and back of a telegram sent on Canadian Marconi telegraph paper. (E-bay photo)
marconi_ telegram_message_back.jpg

Above and below: These promotional golf tees were used to advertise the Canadian Marconi Company. The box is 3 inches long by  2 inches high. (Photos via E-bay)

marconi_poster_plane_s.jpg Published in 1943, this RCAF aviation theme poster from Canadian Marconi  helped to promote the war effort. Click on image to enlarge. (Image via E-bay)

Bottle opener. Length is 4.5 inches.  (Image via E-bay)
CMC promotional tie. (E-bay image) 
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1) Ralph Smith <neenyspch(at)>


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