MSL4-1 Receiver


Frequency range: 175 ? to 5?? KHz
Type: Regenerative
Power Source: external battery or DC source.  .
Vintage: 1934.

Comments. The MSL4 replaced the MSL3 in July  of 1934. Since the MSL4 is suffixed with the number 1, that suggests that there may be one or  rmore variants in the series.

MSL4-1. The front panel is finished in black alligator skin. Download photo to enlarge. (Photo by Millar Studio), Montreal 
 MSL4-1 top view. Download photo to enlarge. Photo by Millar Studio, Montreal)
 MSL4-1 nameplate
 Images provided by Lewis Bodlin

Contributors and Credits

1)  Lewis Bodkin  <05bodkin555(at)gmail,com>
2)  Millar Studio, 1193 Phillips Square, Montreal;  LAnacater 8646

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Jan 30/18