The #19 set has an 18 watt input and operates between 2 and 8 MHz. This HF portion was called the 'A' set. If used with an 8 foot whip on a vehicle, it had a typical range of 10 miles.  An auxiliary radio called the 'B' set operated in the 230-240 MHz band and provided communications up to a 1,000 yards between vehicles.

Additional information on the No. 19 set can be found on pages 39 through 44 of the Signals Production Branch document dated October 15, 1943.

Canadian Marconi and RCA Victor commenced production of Mark 3 version of the famous No, 19 set in  May, 1943. Northern Electric also produced these sets. This Canadian Marconi example belongs to David Lawrence VA3ORP. The speaker is not native to the 19 set. It is just there so the public could hear the audio during the demonstration . Except for the 19 set linear amplifier, this is the configuration that would be typically found in the field.  (Photo by Jerry Proc)

No. 19 19 MkII  S/N C-2003
Various views of the 19 set. It was built by Canadian Marconi in March 1942. (All photos in this table by Alan Morris)

 Crystal calibrator - front view
 Crystal calibrator - side view
Crystal calibrator- markings
All photos in this table via e-bay
19 set fitted in a Universal Carrier. (Photo credit unknown)

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