P1000 Linear Amplifier


The P1000 linear amplifier is designed to amplify the power output of the CH-25 HF SSB transceiver and also the model PH17. Transmissions may be either SSB or AM depending on the transmitter driving the unit.

CMC No: 189-575/11
Frequency Range: 1.6  to 16 MHz
Channels: Four channel operation is provided by means of a front panel switch.  Each switch position may be tuned to any channel frequency as required.
Modes: AM/SSB
Power Output :   SSB - 500 watts P.E.P.
                            AM   - compatible with carrier  - 125 watts
Output impedance: 50 ohms unbalanced.
Harmonic Distortion: -40db
3rd order distortion: -32 db
Input drive: 50 watts P.E.P.
Output Circuit: Pi-network
Tubes: Two type 3-400-Z grounded grid triodes, parallel connected.
Comment: With Plate High Voltage switch in OFF position, input power is automatically
                   connected to the antenna.
Dimensions: 21.625 in. wide , 23 in. high and 14.75 in. deep. Designed for table top use.
Weight: 128 pounds.
Manual No: 131-913
Circa: ?

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Contributors and Credits:

1) Bruce MacMillan <radio(at)telus.net>

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Feb 22/08