Type: Marine Radio Receiver  #86822A
Tube count: 9
Manual: #88467 Inst. 350
Circa: February 1941
Specification: 88468-A
Frequency range: 97 to 30000 KHz in six bands
IF: 575 KHz
Dimensions: 20" W x 11 7/8" H x 11 7/8" D.
Weight: 60 pounds not including power supply.
Power supply: Type VP-1 external #85025.
                          6 volts@3 amps and 180 VDC @ 45 ma output. Circa 1939.
Colours (known): Olive green, Green and Tan crackle finishes.  The letter suffix in the stock code may indicate case colour (unconfirmed).
Variants : SMR-3 and SMR-3A
Comment: 1) Used extensively by the Royal Canadian Navy during WWII.
                   2) Thge VP1 power supply was origianlly designed for the Marconi LFR-7

A pair of SMR-3 receivers fitted in the radio room of HMCS Prince Rupert, 1942.  (Public Archives Canada Photo HS-0262-1 submitted by Spud Roscoe)

SMR-3 with VP-1 power supply and original factory speaker. (Photo courtesy Canadian Marconi) 
This is SMR-3A  S/N 102. 
Above and below: The loop antenna does not belong in this set. It was a modification installed by a previous owner and has now been removed. 
SMR-3A photos via E-bay.
SMR-3 - Closeup of dial. This example has been modified so bands 5 and 6 receive the broadcast band instead of the original LF bands,.  (Photo via E-bay)
SMR-3 nameplate
SMR-3 installation aboard the restored corvette HMCS Sackville. The magic eye tube and bezel is missing and the knobs are not original in this example. (Photo by Jerry Proc) 
This SMR-3A S/N 126, owned by Meir  WF2U, had been previously modified with the additional of a non-original panel meter. It also illustrates the front panel colour. (Photo by  Meir Ben-Dror, WF2U) 

This hand drawn sketch came from a WWII era radio operator in training. (Submitter unknown)

SMR-3A S/N 102 has been energized successfully as evidenced  by the green glow of the magic eye tube. (Photo by  Meir Ben-Dror, WF2U) 
SMR3A - Bottom view of chassis. (Photo by  Meir Ben-Dror, WF2U) 
This is the paper label which is affixed to the inside of the SMR-3 receiver lid. Click here to download a PDF file of the actual size label. This has been created by Meir Ben-Dror, WF2U. (Photo by Meir, WF2U) 
SMR-3 Manual  Courtesy Tom Brent
SMR-3 schematic from manual
SMR-3 schematic redrawn by  Gord Skiffington VE1AJF

Contributors and Credits:

1) Meir Ben-Dror, WF2U Landrum, SC <wf2u(at)>
2) Gord Skiffington <skiffing(at)>
4) Spud Roscoe <spudroscoe(at)>
5) Tom Brent <tgb(at)>
6) Canadian Marconi, Montreal

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