Many countries have issued stamps honouring Guglielmo Marconi. It is the intent here to showcase what Canada Post has done to honour Marconi.

This 1974 issue acknowledged the 100th anniversary of the birth of G. Marconi  (Image via E-bay)
First day cover circa 1974  (Image via E-bay)
A dual issue 2002 stamp set honouring Sir Stanford Fleming and Guglielmo Marconi. There were 5 milliom printed. (Image courtesy Canada Post)
2002 official first day cover. (Image courtesy Canada Post)
This 2002 commemorative envelope celebrated  the 100th amnniversaty of Marconi's first wireless message sent in 1902.  (Image courtesy Canada Post)

On May 20, 2020 , Canada Post commerated the 100th aniversary of the first radio broadcast in Canada..  Details can be found here.

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