CN 495-2 Marine Radiotelephone


Model: CN495-2
Common Name: n/a
Power: 150 watts
Mode: AM radiotelephone 
Frequency range: HF - 2 to 6 MHz plus the AM broadcast band. 
Frequency control: Crystal
Channels available: 8
Vintage: 1960's
Power: Input: 12 Volts DC  @ 0.6A receive, 1.6A standby, 22.0A transmit
Dimensions: 14"W x 7"H x 12"D
Weight : ?
Number of transmitter  tubes: Two  x 12DQ6B (in parallel), one 6417
Number of receiver tubes: none
Comment; This is a hybrid radiotelephone - vacuum tubes and solid state. 

CN495-2 Front view. This example is held by The Maritime Museum of British Columbia. (Photo by Frank Statham)

In this example, the  crystal positions read as follows:

1.  1630 KHz
2.  2182 KHz
3.  2015 KHz
4.  2318 KHz
5.  2840 KHz
6.  2638 KHz
7.  2738 KHz
8.  4123.6 Khz.

This is the 495-5, the transistorized version of the 495 vacuun tube transceiver. Download image to enlarge.. (Photo by Frank Statham  
Frank Statham provides some additional information. "The Canadian Coast Guard used the CN 495 on the old (pre 1972) wooden lifeboats at Bamfield and Tofino, BC.  Note the 1630 KHz frequency.  Try loading that up into a center loaded whip on a wooden boat.  I used to resonate the antenna by running the tap along the radio's loading coil while the key was down.  The smell of burning flesh always accompanied that little job".
 CN 495 schematic can be found here.

Contributors and Credits:

1) Frank Statham <fstatham(at)>
2) Tom Brent <navyradiocom(at)>]  CN495 schematic

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Jan 19/16