Although this web page deals mostly with Canadian Marconi  vacuum tube equipment, it was difficult to resist the temptation to post information about some of the solid state radios produced by Canadian Marconi or, for them, by contractors

Antenna Tuner   244-767567-701
ATU-150 Antenna Tuner
ATU-250 Antenna Coupler.

CH-100 HF SSB transceiver
CH-101C  SSB transceiver
CH-101E SSB transceiver
CH-150 and CH-150S SSB Transceivers

CM520 (Clipper 1) FM VHF Transceiver
CN495  AM transceiver. (See solid state version in this document)
CP-24 SSB transceiver
CP34 VHF SSB transceiver

DJ30 VHF transceiver.
DT61 or DT62 UHF transceiver
DT93B Solid state transceiver.

GRC-103(V) transmitter/receiver

SE 60 Telephone Extension  Set

T530/B/6  FM VHF transceiver

XH Series - Monitor Receivers


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Dec 19/20